​"The Toronto based group brings an incredible stage show and unforgettable experience to audiences everywhere with their limitless energy and elegant "Panic! at the Disco" meets "6ixx:A.M." like style and sound." ​Indie Week Canada

"Over the past seven years the band – fueled by their shared love for the extravagant and extraordinary, developed their own unique blend of rock meets baroque-pop. As we chatted it became clear that the razor sharp conviction and “stick-to-your-guns” attitude radiating from the group arose not from a need for self-expression but from an incredible respect and devotion to their fans." Tunedloud Magazine, Clarke, Justine

"[Danny Payne] is quickly becoming one of the country's most sought after performers." Urban Male Magazine, Cox, Jennifer

"There seems to be a spark in St.Yesterday that is missing in most of their contemporaries, and it’s because they seem to have more heartfelt passion running through their musical arrangements than almost anyone else." JamSphere Magazine, Jamm, Rick

"He [Danny Payne] kept me on the edge of my seat the entire show, I didn't want him to stop! A fine representation of Canadian talent." - etalk, Mulroney, Ben

"Near the end of the show [Danny Payne] took over the stage with his obsessive love for rock, jazz and opera, singing songs that were out of this world. With an audience of over half a million spectators, displaying nothing less but complete confidence." Top Choice Magazine, Filippelli, Francesca